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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome you to ARTFLY

ARTFLY company is operating

Our security policy governs user’s visits on the website . Additionally, it will explain clearly about the manners that we will collect, store, protect, use, expose and transfer user's personal information.

The following is the details of our security policies.

  1. Collecting data

1.1    Contact form

Contact Form is established in order to users could make easily a request ticket about their issues to managers of website.
When this process is deployed, this website will collect and storing the below information of user: first name, last name, phone number, email, subject of ticket and message of ticket.

1.2    User registration

User registration is a process that will be created a new account for users. User’s account will facilitate to users and managers of website can govern their assets on website such as: user’s orders, complaints, announces... As well as make convenience and efficiency for process on this website such as: transitions, promoted programs….

When a new user account is initialized, this website will collect and store the following information: first name, last name, phone number, email, nickname, address, profile image. If user registers throughout a third party account (Google, Facebook, Twitter…), we will storing user’s id, access token that are received from them (when user registers from a third party account, they will show to user a board that contains data shared to this website and ask user’s permission).

1.3    Transition process

Transition process is a process that user creates, pays, tracks their orders online. Therefore, this website have to know some personal data to serve for trading offers between user and owner’s store.

In order to transition process, customer have to provide to this website the following information:

Buyer information: first name, last name, company name, phone number, address, email.

Receiver information: first name, last name, company name, phone number, address, email, zip/postal code, detail of destination.

1.4    Comment

Comment feature was create in order to help user make their opinions on offers, policies or whatever issues that relate to this website.

When user submit a comment, some their information will be collect and storing include: name, phone, email, message of comment.

1.5    Cookie

This website will use Cookies to make user’s experience is more convenient (remember old information, remember login for user , information of cart shopping online…). Cookies will storing on user’s browsers.

  1. Storing personal data

Users’ comments on this website and tickets are made by “Contact Form” will be stored indefinitely .

User account information will be retain in database indefinitely; Users, However, can view, modify, download and remove their data at any period.

Cookies will store on web browsers of users. Users can remove them on manager setting of browser (this process may have differences among the browsers).

Sessions will have being existed for 120 minutes, after user does not use them.

  1. Transferring data

Data that send from this website to the third party will be display in anonymous form.

  1. Using data

In order to exploring and meeting customer’s needs and expectations. This website will use information that maybe relate to users for analyzing data.

  1. User rights on their data

Users can view, modify, remove and download their personal information on their website. They can also ask this website provides all their personal information that was collected and storing on database of website, except for information required by law.

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