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The detail information of product:- The machine is suitable for European genre- Stroke: 3.8mm- Weight 150g always GripHandle diameter: 28mm- Total length 125mm- The stroke of increasing and decreasing the length of the handle needle 0-5.5mm- Motor Faulhaber Brushless (no coal blown)- The volt level has a wide range of...

The detail information of product:
- The machine is suitable for European genre
- Stroke: 3.8mm
- Weight 150g always Grip
Handle diameter: 28mm
- Total length 125mm
- The stroke of increasing and decreasing the length of the handle needle 0-5.5mm
- Motor Faulhaber Brushless (no coal blown)
- The volt level has a wide range of 0-18v (the average used volt level from 9-11v is too much power)

Advantages :
-Super light weight easy to handle for realistic genre
-Optimize absolute damage limit
- Enter color super fast.
Instead of choosing the Faulhaber Brush Flat 2607RS DC 0-9V motor, other manufacturers choose it because of its advantages because they want to reduce the weight of the machine and the price is not too high.

CONS: The Watt power is not strong, so its load-carrying capacity for a long time will not be durable and when loading the needle, you must choose the type of needle with soft elastic sealing force to use, because it can only be used. speed and load capacity is poor.
With the criterion of always going in the high-end segment in terms of quality, ARTFLY Company decided to request FAULHABER's exclusive custom brushless type Brushless 2610 DC -0-18V strong Watt force capacity, brushless operation leading to super durable life. speed and speed must be through a separate control circuit. As the volt level increases over a wide voltage range the user feels the difference of each output volt reference, without worrying about the heavy-seal needles that start easily. (This type of motor has the same configuration as the motor of Sol Terra and Inkjecta machines)
CONS: The cost is 3 times higher than the 2607 brush Flat motor and must make a separate processing circuit to control the motor running, so the cost is very high..
Thank you to all customers who have been silently accompanying the ARTFLY brand during the past time.